Creating an Exceptional Life After Cancer Course

A Four Part Online Course To Empower Cancer Survivors To Create an Exceptional Life After Diagnosis.

As a cancer survivor myself who has had multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, I found the process of treating and surviving cancer to be the most transformational experience of my life. During my journey, I learned to accept my new normal by identifying and stepping out of my old paradigm of limitation, survival, and struggle. I began to understand that these old beliefs, habits, and assumptions had kept me stuck, resulting in the crisis/chaos mode that may have provoked my illness to begin with. By adopting a new 'operating system' that supports empowerment and unlimited potential, I realized that life is limitless.

As you become familiar with this new operating system and you will begin to apply the principles and concepts presented in this course as a way of life. You will start a journey of becoming masterfully empowered in all areas of life, and specifically with respect to:

• Learning how to set an intention to live and renew it every day.

• Changing your perceptions and attitude.

• Feeding your body exceptional food.

• Letting go of your emotional repression.

• Getting healthy in your relationships.

• Learning to live with passion and purpose.

• Giving yourself permission to start living life fully engaged.

• Designing, implementing and celebrating your exceptional life after cancer.

Intended Audience: cancer survivors - women and men

Lesson 1: Who Are You Now? Learn to Accept Your Cancer Diagnosis
1.1: Listen to the Audio: Expert Interview with Dr. Niki Barr
Lesson 2: The Mind-Body Connection: Understand How the Way You See Yourself Shapes Your Life
2.1: Listen to the Audio: Expert Interview with Geoffrey Berwind
Lesson 3: Learn to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Let Go of Your Old Operating System
3.1: Take Action: Homework - Vision Board, Step 1
Lesson 4: Learn How to Release the Fear of Cancer Recurrence
4.1: Take Action: Manifesto Mortality Pledge
4.2: Additional Resources
Lesson 5: Conquer Your Fear of Living Exceptionally Well
5.1: Listen to the Audio: Expert Interview with Robin Anderson
Lesson 6: Change Your Perceptions and Attitude Toward Yourself and Your Life
6.1: Take Action: Homework - Conversations with Cancer Journal
Lesson 7: Learn to Live Life with Passion and Purpose
7.1: Take Action: Homework - 50 Lifetime Goals
Lesson 8: Give Yourself Permission to Live a Fully Engaged Life
8.1: Additional Resources
Lesson 9: Make a Permanent Shift in Your Relationship with Food and Exercise
9.1: Listen to the Audio: Expert Interview with Janis Pullen
Lesson 10: Get Healthy in Your Relationships with Others
10.1: Take Action: Homework - Conversations with Cancer Journal
Lesson 11: Reorganize Your Time, Eliminating Perfectionism, Control, and Busyness
11.1: Take Action: Homework - Vision Board, Step 2
Lesson 12: Decide Who You Want to Become by Discovering the Greatness Within You
12.1: Additional Resources
Lesson 13: Define Your Mission in Life and Understand Why It’s Important to Have One
13.1: Listen to the Audio: Expert Interview with Kristen White
Lesson 14: Define the Vision for Your Life and Understand Why It Matters
14.1: Take Action: Homework - Vision Board, Step 3
Lesson 15: Implement Your Exceptional Life Plan
15.1: Listen to the Audio: Expert Interview with Marco Aguilar
Lesson 16: Celebrate Your Success!
16.1: Additional Resources

What's included

  • 6 Video Lessons
  • 30 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Gale OBrien


Gale O'Brien is a certified master coach, motivational speaker and the award-winning author of Transformation: Creating an Exceptional Life in the Face of Cancer. As a coach, she empowers others to explore opportunities for creating and living an exceptional life. Her specialties include work/life balance, health & wellness, divorce, retirement, empty nest, and cancer survivorship.

Gale has received four certifications from the World Coach Institute: Certified Master Coach, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Group Coach and Certified Laser Coach and is an approved coach and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).